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GAMUT – Wireframe Builder for Sketch

The Gamut wireframe kit contains tons of symbol components and layout blocks which can be used to make any customized site design in minutes. From the splash page to the dashboard, cut your wiring time in half. All of the components are easily editable and interchangeable. Based on the standard 12 column (1200px width) Bootstrap 4 system it’s the perfect start to any project. A high quality solution that actually saves you time:

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Featuring over ‘120+’ Components

50+ General Elements and icons
10 Header/Nav layouts
10 Hero layouts
9 Footer layouts
8 Feature/Product layouts
14 Content layouts
4 Pricing layouts
7 Dashboard elements
3 Team layouts
3 Blog/Article layouts
5 Contact layouts
3 Sample layouts

Sketch Flexibility

Gamut contains tons of well organized symbol components that you can quickly edit and instantly reflect in multiple mocks. A kit that truly leverages the power of Sketch. Make page wires in a matter of seconds using flexible elements and modules.

Block Model

Easily combine components to produce a multiple of design projects. Based off of a 12 column grid system (1200 pixel width) and Bootstrap 4 elements for easy development. It’s incredibly easy and has tons of reusable options!

Atomic Design Principles

Gamut uses the concept of Atomic Design by making a system of components in order to more efficiently create sites and web apps. Design systems with simple elements or complicated groups in mere minutes.

High Quality Elements

Easily upgrade to full out mockups or simply use the companion UI kit which shares the same elements for rapid prototyping. Built with speed in mind, the Gamut Wire Kit will enhance your teams ability to rapidly test concepts.

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