Whether you are a medical doctor, a chiropractor, afitness professional, acupuncturist, naturopath, mental health professional or any of the multitude of other caregivers, the job of caring for individuals and families has always been a challenge. Today however the task is uncertain and much more complicated. The cost of practice is increasing as rent and supplies go up, the cost of malpractice and other insurances rise, reimbursement rates continue to decline. Business, financial and regulatory challenges continue to mount. Health reform creates even more uncertainty; how it effects your patients will ultimately contribute to how it effects your practice. You have been forced due to reimbursement to build an assembly line in your practice, moving patients in and out as fast as possible. You see many of your colleagues quitting, retiring earlier, selling their practices to larger groups or hospitals. What does the future hold and how can you prepareh care costs: stress effects physical and mental health needs

One trend here and growing and is the movement to reimburse not on the basis of volume of patients or procedures, but on the quality of the outcome. We are in the early stages of pay per performance but you must prepare to survive.

Resolute Health is built to help your patients address the issues effecting their health and health behaviors. Less stress translates into a more compliant patient, adopting the better behaviors that enhance clinical outcome. Together with the revolutionary Between Visits health management program, Resolute Health touch all of the stresses keeping your patients from fighting the real battle for their health, wellness and peace of mind.

Not only will Resolute Health and Between Visits offer a clear path for your patients to address the issues that hamper their quest for good health, RH and BVI will provide you with a mechanism for getting better clinical outcomes. And that means better reimbursement . Additionally, offering these programs to your patients or clients will create a revenue stream for you, reimbursing your efforts.

Find out how Resolute Health and Between Visits will transform your patients and your practice. Both are open to any care giver.

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