Every human endeavor has some connection to stress. Stress hits us every day, coming from a wide range of sources and much of our daily activity is focused on dealing with it. From health to family to finances to the workplace and almost everywhere else, we try daily, hourly to identify what has gone wrong and fix it. If we are not doing that, we are trying to think ahead as to where the next challenge will come from and plan to address it. Most of out energy is spent in fixing and not planning; this unfortunately leads to more fixing. Here's how Resolute Health will change that equation is your life:

  • RH will constantly provide you with information that enhances your ability to "fix" quickly and "anticipate" more effectively. You will have the advantage of facts, statistics, probabilities and the experiences of other to inform your own decision-making. You will better understand what stress is, how it effects you and gain perspective on what the future holds for you if you do not engage.
  • You will develop you personal stress score, identify your stressors, and prioritize their effect on you. RH will then deliver to you an action plan, clearly articulating what you must do to alleviate your stress.
  • A very unique feature of RH is the Solutions Network. Once you are well aware of your battle plan, RH will connect you with vetted, credentialed and discounted resources, on the web, in your community, that will help you to follow through! No more getting to the point where you know your challenges but are left to alone to tackle them!

The Resolute Health Solutions Network is designed to offer you a diverse set of quality resources targeted at your personal action plan. Solvers from health, finance, home infrastructure, transportation, and all other areas of stress in your life will be ready to assist you overcome your challenges. RH will try to match you with the best of network for your needs but you will still be able to shop for them yourself with our Angie's List type Transparency Tool.

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