Creating a successful organization in today's business environment is more than challenging. Finding the entrepreneur that has a marketable idea, can organize the concept for success, builds the infrastructure to deliver it, recruits the right people doing the right tasks well has always presented a challenge for financial backers. Most new organizations fail. It is the one or two out of ten that funds the rest and enhances your ability to raise your next fund. . Finding those is your challenge. They depend on the vision of the founder, the ability to translate that into a great company, to be nimble, respectful of your dollars, knowledgeable on the core of the company, to have a successful sales strategy and most of all to capture a paying customer base that offer organic and new business growth opportunities. That formula has always been the case but today the challenges are even greater

Resolute Health offers clear advantages for investors:

  • The founders are accomplished, experienced, successful professionals with a superb track record
  • Dr. William Lubin has a strong record of success as a private and public sector CEO, COO, Board member, Investor, health care administrator, clinician and entrepreneur
  • Robert Kaplan has lead several tech start up IT efforts and has held executive positions in health delivery and support companies for more than 30 years
  • Initial Web Development is entrusted to experienced and accomplished Web builders with years of front line experience building some of the Internet's most recognizable web technology
  • Experienced Engagement Professionals
  • Nathan Lubin, Network Strategy and Engagement
  • Talented and experienced Content writers and researchers
  • World Class Legal Representation from Foley Hoag, Boston
  • Financial planning, reporting and Accounting From Costlow and Company, a firm very experienced with support and advising of start up companies
  • An Advisory Committee consisting of well known, experienced and successful individual
  • L Ben Lytle
  • Tom Cibotti
  • Patrick Yount
  • Dean Smith
  • John McDonough

Resolute Health will be built in three phases. The first phase, including a unique demo site is funded and presently under construction. Partners will be sought for Phase Two development, beginning in March, 2014.

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