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Coping with stress is not overcoming it! Making do is not being in control. You can do much better! Whether you are 16 or 90, life throws a lot at you, every day, sometimes all at once. Family, job, health, financial, just plain every day issues can all be sources of stress. It is hard to juggle it all. You can feel discouraged, unhappy, and even desperate. And unless you act, you get to do it all again tomorrow.

Great news! Resolute Health is here to help. Built on the premise that YOU need to regain control of YOUR life, RH offers a process and tools that will give you an informed path to greater peace of mind, more focus and control in your life. Using your perspective, RH offers:

  • Access to a "safe" environment, the RH Lounge, where you can relieve your stress immediately, gain perspective and get back in control. Through mind calming exercises, fun and educational games in the Arcade, connections to others through all forms of social media, and just a place to vent, it is the entry to your oasis in a stressful day.
  • RH will offer clear and vetted information on sources of stress; questions like, "what are my chances of getting the flu if I don't get my shot", or "What are the average salaries for programmers in my area?, or "Who can fix my leaky roof" or "How do I handle someone bullying me?."
  • RH will take a "stress snap shot": How much stress are you under? How is it effecting your life? What can you expect for your health, relationships and happiness in the future if nothing changes? How do you stack up against others. Resolute will determine your starting "stress score" and help you to clearly see where you are now.
  • RH will take you through an exercise that creates an inventory of your causes of stress. RH knows that alleviating your stress starts with understanding where it is coming from.
  • RH will then help you to prioritize your stressors. This is very important as every person reacts somewhat differently to each challenge and any solution must take that fact into account. One person's minor stressor destroys the peace of mind for another.
  • RH will then take all of this information and create your Stress Reduction Action Plan, your personal roadmap to peace of mind, filled with helpful suggestions, exercises and resources, RH invites to take control, to stop coping and overcome!
  • Best of all, RH follows through on the plan by giving you access to the RH Solutions Network. From a very diverse, high quality listing of resources, RH will point you towards professionals in your community, on-line programs, wellness, prevention and other tools, all vetted, all arrayed for your success. You still have control, but now with a tool that can meet your needs for realizing the goals of your action plan.

Visit Resolute Health Today! Begin the process of taking control back in your life.

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