These are very tough times to be running a business of any size, especially small businesses where the reserve is smaller and the reliance on a few good employees greater. A down economy, uncertainty in sales and revenue, SG&A increases, health reform effecting your retention of good employees, their productivity, insurance costs, regulation overload, taxes, a whole world of daily, sometimes hourly challenges. Your ability to adapt and overcome depends on two main factors; first your business acumen and decision making and more importantly, the performance of your only real asset, no matter what you decide: your employees.

They are faced with an equally challenging environment and studies show that 69% say you, their employer, represent a high level source of stress. Stress causes businesses to spend more than $300 Billion dollars annually dealing with stress in the workplace. Here are some of the "cost centers":

  • Absenteeism: The use of unscheduled days off, sick time is up
  • Productivity: More than half believe they are less productive at work
  • Quality in Product: The pressure to do more with less effects quality
  • Accidents: Workplace accidents have been trending up
  • Health care costs: stress effects physical and mental health needs
  • Turnover and churning of employee base; Stressed employees leave
  • Poor customer service: Unhappy employees=unhappy customers
  • Gloom and doom attitudes, poisoning the environment for all
  • "Solved" problems that somehow keep returning
  • Excessive finger pointing. nd much more...

All of the negatives have stress as a major contributor. Addressing stress in the lives of your workforce will return multiples of your small investment.

Resolute Health will help. RH is designed to give your employees a complete stress reducing environment. They will have access to education, get a stress score, compare themselves to others of similar background, an inventory of their stressors, prioritized and then gain access toa robust Network of programs, services and people to help them address each and every issue.

The cost to you is up to you. For a reasonable monthly fee you and your employees get the benefits. You can sponsor the full amount, share the costs or offer it employee pay all.

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