Stress is one of the most common denominators in health issues today. It's ripples costs companies upwards $300 billion a year and is a prime driver of exploding health care cost.

It effects our quality of life, invades our thoughts, colors our outlook on life, saps our strength, consumes our resources, steals our health, confiscates our happiness, breaks up our relationships and families, and can shorten our lives...

But what can you do about it?

At Resolute.me we empower you to manage your stresses through personal evaluations, trusted mediacl prfessional partners, personalised action plans and local resources.

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The mission of Resolute.me is ambitious, yet very simple: we want to provide you with the information, tools and contacts required to mitigate the stress in your life.

The resloute.me Program Overview

From health to family to finances to the workplace and almost everywhere else, we try daily, hourly to identify what has gone wrong and fix it. If we are not doing that, we are trying to think ahead as to where the next challenge will come from and plan to address it.

The resolute.me Network is designed to offer you a diverse set of quality resources targeted at your personal action plan. Solvers from health, finance, home infrastructure, transportation, and all other areas of stress in your life will be ready to assist you overcome your challenges.

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We are pasionate about healh and driving REAL solutions in stress management and treatment

William J. Lubin PA-C, MBA DrPH
founder of Resolute.me and it's affiliate company, Between Visits, Inc.

William J. Lubin PA-C, MBA DrPH is the founder of Resolute.me and it's affiliate company, Between Visits, Inc. . Dr. Lubin has three decades of experience in health care as a practitioner, hospital administrator, educator, and researcher and spent 10 years with managed care companies in a diverse set of leadership roles (operations, business development, product development, network development and management, and marketing and sales.) His experience also includes Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer for a large national practice management company, Director of Health Care Delivery Systems for Aetna Health Plans as well as Division Vice President for Lincoln National Health Plan, and Product Manager for the over-65 business segment of BlueCross BlueShield of Connecticut. He also worked clinically for 10 years as a physician associate, and founded, co-owned and served as President of a regional group practice management company.

Most recently Dr. Lubin, an accomplished entrepreneur, conceptualized and lead a very successful turn around effort for American WholeHealth Inc. that lead to its purchase by Axia Health Management and then Healthways. In the turn around and sale, he served as a CEO, COO, and Business sector leader for various entities. He has also served as a Board of Directors member on public and private companies. Dr. Lubin was named a Pew Memorial Trust Fellow, and completed his Doctorate in Public Health in the School of Public Health, Health Management and Policy, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Dr. Lubin is a graduate of Providence College (BA/BS) and Albany Medical College, where he received a Physician Associate degree. He earned an MBA from the University of Connecticut, specializing in health care administration and long-term care, and attended Western New England School of Law.

Robert E. Kaplan, M.H.A.

Robert E. Kaplan, MHA is Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer (CIO). He is a nationally recognized expert on HIPAA privacy and security and a thought leader on healthcare information technology.

Bob's career as a healthcare Chief Information Officer spans 36 years starting at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in 1977 and includes CIO assignments with WebMD, Baxter Health, NCQA, Audax Health Solutions, Iowa Foundation for Medical Care, and PHP Healthcare Corporation. He has worked in more than 500 hospitals and health care organizations on health information technology engagements over the last three decades.

He has been a member of the Markle Foundation's Connecting for Health Steering Committee, the National Quality Forum's Health Information Technology Expert Panel (HITEP), the Taconic Health Information Technology Committee (THINC), and Co-Chair of the American Medical Association's (AMA) Data Transfer Committee.

He is the recipient of the 2013 Leadership Award from the National Diversity Council in recognition of his two decades of mentoring young professionals of all nationalities and cultures. The award was presented by Gen. Colin Powell.

He earned a BS degree in Economics and Engineering Science from the University of Maryland and a Masters degree in Hospital Administration from the George Washington University. He performed his administrative residency at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. He writes historical fiction in his spare time with a recently published book entitled Nakam (Vengeance) and he is an avid fan of America's sports car, the Corvette.

Thrd Rail Industries Inc.

Thrd Rail is a hybrid agency made up of the best, hand-selected talents from the design, development, branding, web, and marketing industries. All the capabilities of a traditional design house, plus the new media smarts of a digital agency. All in one agile package that helps brands resonate with today's empowered consumer by pulling people in with powerful ideas, energizing them through every interaction, and inspiring them to make the brand "their own" and spread the attraction to others.


Coping is NOT Overcoming! Reclaim your life, your peace of mind! Resolve to win!

Begin to position yourself for greater happiness in life. Resolve to be proactive instead of moving from crisis to crisis. RH will help you build a better decision base, create an action plan that addresses your challenges, big and small, and most of all connects you with quality resources, many in your community that are committed to alleviating your stress, improving your life, and allowing you to devote more time, resource and emotion to living better, happier, more satisfied with today and ready to face tomorrow!

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