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The Best Spanish Pizza Boomerang Ad I’ve Ever Seen

It’s got everything a viral video needs: He-Man, aviator sunglasses, suicidal old men in Christmas sweaters, snowglobes that predict the future, crying Asian men, park flashers, microwaves embedded in stalagmites, whole grilled octopus, severed penises and — of course — pizza shaped like a boomerang.


SCAD Finally Acknowledges Me!

SCAD has finally acknowledged my existence! Even after I hired a fellow SCADDY and am interning another recent grad this summer (nbd guys). They highlighted my app release!

Check out the post Here!


Check this out

So… I’m sure you’ve stopped by to see all my great work and insightful opinions. BUT WAIT, there’s nothing here! Is this some kind of joke?

Unfortunately it is not. A couple of days before Christmas I was doing some backend work when a series of unfortunate connection errors occured during a sensitive process. This process hickup left everything in limbo, had to wipe my db and start over.

But no worries, I have backups of all my work of course and I’ll be able to dig up all my old articles. Look for AP to be surging forward in 2010!