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Screen Mockups & Layouts

WEB & APP SCREEN PORTFOLIO LAYOUTS – 17 high quality and easy to edit layout mockups! A spectacular layout scheme created to display your work on any personal or portfolio website. Show multiple project screens with the devices they were designed for. We’ve used these layouts for a while with great results and want to share them with you!

Buy it here:


Vector Hands Holding Devices

Flat style vector illustrations of hands holding mobile and tablet devices. Various angles, clothes/accessories and interactions. Great for infographics and hero areas. All illustrations are in Ai (CS5+) which makes them fully scalable and editable.

• 11 different layouts (make multiple combinations)
• Tablet and mobile opitons
• Bonus vector pointer finger!

Buy it here:


Sketch UI Charts

Need a set of charts for your bs admin or portal mockups? Of course you do! Included we have a versatile set of statistics charts showing various visualization graphs, numbers, and category metrics. Easy to customize for any design or mockup.

Buy it here:


Flat device mockups now available on my Envato portfolio!

If you’re like me you tend to fall into the habit of mocking up things in Apple devices. For you I have a full pack of scalable vector iDevices.

I’ve also had clients that market to non-apple folks, so I’ve put together a pack of vector miscellaneous devices for just such an occasion Alternate Flat Devices.

Also, check out the rest of my stuff here!


Grab Slab! My new powerpoint template on Graphic river.

Hey, it only took a month of back and forth to get this guy approved (upload systems not reflecting changes)… but Slab is up and selling. $15 for a Powerpoint of this magnitude? What a deal!

Get it Here


I’m now on Envato Marketplace

Going through the volume of old mobile hard drives I have lying around and have decided to get some of my old work polished up for sale! My first approved graphic was a set of medals we had over at Audax for a gamification/achivements system. Looking forward to getting more up on the market. Hit me up if you have any request for something you’d like me to put together friendos!

Screen shot 2014-08-09 at 3.37.53 PM

Thrd Rail Industries is now The Gulch Group

Chris and I have shut down Thrd and are transitioning everything over to the Gulch Group. Got a folio site going on right now. Chris still needs to apply some of my styling changes, but the basic setup is up over at Also, check out my original wires for this guy here.

Screen shot 2014-08-09 at 3.27.58 PM UI html/css prototype

Prototype for a client mockup. is a platform created to isolate stresses in your life that are effecting your health and develop an action plan to address them. Project is still in it’s infancy and gathering funding, keep an eye on the corp site here, compare and contrast to my original demo corp site.

Our Proatmeal® Kickstarter Video

Hey All, check out what we put together for the Proatmeal® Kickstarter! Didn’t make our goal, but orders are pouring in. You can order via our website coming May 2014.

Cubicle Contagion

This is a video we put together here at Canvas ( We’re trying to replace ineficien paper forms with a mobile solution. Pretty out there for a SaaS company if you ask me!


MoDev UX 2013 Review

Wrote this conference review up for Canvas. The full article can be seen on the Canvas blog –


Hey there Canvas! My new employer.

Looking forward to my new role as head of UX at canvas. Check Canvas out at or download the app from any smartphone.

In a nutshell the product (app) has sub apps for multiple business categories. In these categories you can use the standard forms or build your own. All of these apps and forms feed into a secure cloud making the data more available. Think the way the apple store does business, now your company can do the same, for around $200 a year!

Lots of potential and a lot of work to do here so keep your eyes peeled!

Screen Shot 2012-11-05 at 11.40.10 AM

How it works at a start-up

Couldn’t get a better analogy for a tech start-up than this. They should have worked in that Reid Hoffman quote – “If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.” A lot of times it feels like you’re leading your team across an impossible or ridiculous task, but most of the time it’s the only way to get there! Stay strong my entrepreneur brethren!


Update with care!

Hello all! Please excuse my dust around the site, I’m in the middle of fixing up the new structure. I upgraded my version of wordpress without realizing my old site wouldn’t support it! Damn you 3.4.1! Either way, I’m taking this chance to do a bunch of upgrades and improve site performance, seo, and various portfolio additions. You get the idea… but let this be a warning to you. DO NOT UPGRADE YOUR WORDPRESS CAUSALLY!!!! Always check compatibility

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Best thing on the internet 2012

The latest from Old Spice and its ad agency, Wieden + Kennedy where Terry Crews demonstrates why he is one of the most awesomest human beings on the planet. Watch him flex his muscles and then you can customize your own melody right on the video.

Screen Shot 2012-08-30 at 2.30.26 PM

Great animated infographic storytelling by RSA Animate

So often as visual communicators we are called upon to tell a story. Weather it’s a presentation or product narrative, making a story compelling and clear is a difficult task, RSA Animate achieves this in an amazing fashion. The RSA Animate series was conceived as an innovative, accessible and unique way of illustrating and sharing the world-changing ideas from the RSA’s free public events programme. The style reminds you of the UPS whiteboard campaigns a couple of years back but with a much higher illustrative quality.


Circle Derps Logo

Did the branding for a podcast I’m part of. We’re like the Sports Junkies meets the Nerdist with a little This Week in Startups mixed in. We’re a combo of Devs, Engineers, Front End guys, and I’m the only Creative. It’s a fun exercise to do once a week and we hope to improve as we go. The podcasts should be available on iTunes soon!

Screen Shot 2012-08-30 at 2.49.46 PM

Introducing the gif gallery!

It’s an online art gallery to honor the highest art there is… the animated gif! Check it out and share it with your friends –

Watch out Chris Angel… It’s Magic Broom Time

I am a magical conjurer! Stand in awe of my power. jk. I can’t explain why this happened. Apparently I didn’t know about the eqinox…


pröatmeal™ by the Shuster Bros.

My first family venture! Jeff and I are working on the greatest food compound to ever be invented. Working on the mix experiments at the moment, I feel like a mad scientist/chef. pröatmeal™ is essentially the greatest food invention to happen since the turn of the century!


Gotta love banksy quotes

If you don’t know who banksy is by now, shame on you. Banksy’s Site. He’s a street artist from the UK that does wonders with changing perspective on things.

Fiat + Charlie Sheen = Not a bad spot

Produced by Detroit ad agency Doner, this was supposed to run as Fiat’s Superbowl spot. Replaced at the last minute for a safer play of their other spot (the hot girl). Very fun and really pushes the Abarth brand in the right direction, great shift on Fiat’s part. They need it too, sales for all of 2011 came in at barely half the initial forecast.

My PPT presentation given by my CEO at CES

With 510 million people playing online games in 2010 and over 10 billion social networking accounts worldwide, it was only a matter of time before we saw them converge. What is it about this marriage that is increasing consumer engagement with life-modifying healthy behaviors yet unseen before, and is it the missing link helping consumers achieve simple, healthy living with better outcomes?

Bravo Twitter

Love this viral vid. Is the position for Unicorn Slayer still available? (At the 1:53 mark.) I wish larger organizations would spend some time humanizing themselves. My marketing department makes this mistake all the time. Give people credit and make everything “fisher price easy” to use and watch the checks come in!

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It’s bizzznes time!

Just made another batch of business cards! Four out of ten are a success, not a bad average for these guys! The cards are custom made with my branding as a wax seal. It gets tricky but they certainly make an impression when I give them to clients. Always remember, you want people to remember you!

Screen Shot 2012-08-30 at 3.45.38 PM

Love this style, really nice project by Wes Kull

Gridiron League, a “collection of idealized NFL insignias that pay tribute to each teams’ history and geography in a period-specific aesthetic that glorifies the Vince Lombardi-era” by Wes Kull. Check out the project site Here.

VW doin the Starwars thing again… but this time with DOGS!

Volkswagen has released a trailer for its Super Bowl ad featuring dogs barking to produce the Star Wars imperial march. I dare you not to smile.

Really Excited About Adobe Edge

Edge is a new web motion and interaction design tool that allows designers to bring animated content to websites, using web standards like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. It’s not out yet but there have been a couple of demo videos floating around that look really promising-

Screen shot 2012-09-03 at 10.31.33 PM

My Resume Info Graphic

Most recruiters and hr managers have the attention span of a hampster, so what to do? Make your resume into pretty pictures! Everyone loves pretty pictures. This is my most recent version of my resume infographic. An infographic resume is a great tool for any creative to have in their job search arsenal. Give it a try yourselves!

Download the pdf here


For my friend’s web series

My friend out in LA is Buzz of Joe & Buzz. It’s pretty funny stuff make sure you check it out – Joe & Buzz. This is a fight card for the shark vs. lion episode. Hopefully we can throw this on some stuff and make a couple of bucks.

A look behind Audax Health

I brought on board my friend BJ, from Synthesis Media, to take a behind the curtain look of my company Audax Health. We’re a DC startup working on web based health soltions. I felt it was important to put faces to a name as we will be doing some big media blasts in the future and it’s important to be able to access, or at least see, the people behind the product.

— look for me and my signature hand talking at around 0:48!

Careverge Commercial

A preview of what you can do with Careverge! My company’s flagship product. Take a look, sign up, and start making better health decisions!